Stella’s Titles

Things are about to get really bad in Hyperion City, and only Sho Sange and his motley associates, an acrobat turned thief, a vigilante wizard, a psychopath, a shapeshifter and a crap god can stop it. Unfortunately, they have other things on their minds: a tragic death, priceless jewels, a pretty professor, explosives, an acrobat, and trying to get through a day without embarrassment.

Wandering Star

New Coventry, Virginia was a quiet peaceful town until the monsters arrived. Despite all the mysterious deaths that have happened since his family arrived, Aurora is enthralled with the mysterious Jayne family, particularly Sable. Though they are forbidden to be together, Aurora and Sable are in love, but if they don’t stop the monster responsible for the deaths, they could be torn apart forever.

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Wealthy club owner and convicted dark wizard Devin Rayne is sure someone is trying to kill him. Only his old friends, Quinn and Mondragon, Magicians for Hire, can help him find out who.

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Angel of the Abyss New cover

When the Duke of a neighbouring country orders her assassination, Queen Jila enlists the assistance of Kai Vale, a mercenary whose peculiar abilities come from the mysterious, toxic blue rock, Abyssium.

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When her brother is kidnapped, Cerys Knight travels to Spectra City to find him. What she discovers is a city in the clutches of evil chanters, citizens who possess dangerous and inexplicable powers. To find her brother, Cerys joins CHANT, an organization of vigilante chanters and tangles with Lex and Nico Creed, two charismatic brothers whose powers and intentions are as deadly and mysterious as their loyalties.

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Rebel Grey Cover

After a great war, King Scarlet has Razor City in his blood-soaked clutches. Only Scarlet’s son Dante, now known as Grey, and a motley band of rebels can take back the city.

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Lindsey Pherson_NI bk1_False Awakening

A local girl goes missing, there is something very strange about the new kids in school, and how come everyone acts so weird every time she mentions the mysterious Flicker Island? Mia Burke can’t decide which mystery to solve first.

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Lindsey Pherson_NI bk2_Dream Walker

After Ian Crane rescued her from a killer and revealed his dangerous powers, Mia is more determined than ever to find out the truth about Flicker Island. She doesn’t know the island’s nightmares can reach her even from across the sea.

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And Coming Soon!

Lindsey Pherson_NI bk3_Night Terrors


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