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An Interview with Narrator Cynthia Hemminger

Greetings, friends! Audiobooks are awesome, and so are the people who narrate them! I wanted to know a little bit more about Cynthia Hemminger, narrator of Tess Mercury and the Crooked Pink. She graciously obliged. How did you get into narrating audiobooks? I’ve always loved to read aloud, so when I became involved with a group of amateur … Continue reading


Wild West Steampunk Audiobook

Greetings, friends! Looking for a new audiobook? Check out Ellie’s new Wild West steampunk adventure narrated by Cynthia Hemminger. Now on Audible! Bounty hunters, gunslingers, death rays, crooked Pinkertons, and irradiated spit. Tess Mercury and her posse of bounty hunters set out to catch Ezekiel “Angel” Cooper, a Pinkerton wanted for murder, but wind up tangled in an … Continue reading


Also new! Wandering Star, a supernatural teen thriller

Yeah, so I’ve been busy. My newest teen thriller, Wandering Star, a tale of mystery, monsters, loss, and forbidden love, is now available on eBook! Look for it soon in print. New Coventry, Virginia is a quiet, peaceful town. The people are friendly, the streets are safe, and hardly anything ever happens until the mysterious … Continue reading



Cue the spooky music! Without further ado, I present the Stella Drexler Halloween Spooktacular Steampunk Special, LITTLE AGNES AND THE GHOSTS OF KELPIE WHARF A Little Agnes Tale Welcome, Honoured Seamen and Esteemed Guests! To the Port Enshus 305th Annual Aquatic Vertebrae Acquisition Simplification Exposition! Ingenious Conceptions and Outlandish Innovations Galore! Featuring the Venerated Dr … Continue reading