Nightmare Island

Nightmare Island Series Book Two: Dream Walker

And, coming soon from Writers-Exchange: Nightmare Island Series Book Two: Dream Walker!

After Ian Crane rescued her from Tegan Hathaway’s killer and revealed his dangerous powers, Mia Burke is more determined than ever to find out what’s really happening on Flicker Island. As she gets closer to the truth, she gets closer to Ian, but their budding relationship may fall apart when she learns the secret of the island and its dangerous, mysterious inhabitants. Then a new teacher arrives at Davenport High School, and Mia’s life is turned upside down. She can’t seem to do anything right, and no matter how hard she tries, Mrs. Temple seems to be out to get her. Mia’s losing her grip on the Voice, she’s already had to fire Lorien and Kellen Klein, who has enough reason to be angry with her for getting him arrested for Tegan’s murder, and now her parents have forbidden her to see Ian until she gets her grades up. To make matters worse, Mrs. Temple seems to think Ian can do no wrong, and he doesn’t believe her when she insists there’s something not quite right about their new teacher. No one believes her that there is something very, very wrong here, but even Mia never dreamed that Flicker Island’s nightmares could trespass into her waking life.

Check out Book One: False Awakening:


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