Nightmare Island

An excerpt from Nightmare Island Book One: False Awakening

And now, for your entertainment: an excerpt from False Awakening, Book One in the paranormal teen mystery series Nightmare Island now available from Writers-Exchange. She was only able to see the wall of solid black for a split second before she collided with it, dropping her books and stumbling backwards. She looked up, straight … Continue reading

News and Information

False Awakening: Nightmare Island Series Book One

It has been a very busy week, my friends! Now Available from Writers-Exchange, Book One in my teen paranormal mystery series Nightmare Island: False Awakening. Check it out now and, if you like it, look for Book Two: Dream Walker coming soon! Somewhere off the coast of the shoreline town of Davenport, Connecticut is … Continue reading

Rebel Grey

Rebel Grey, a Dystopian Teen Fantasy FREE download

Now available for FREE download on Smashwords, ibookstore and other fine online retailers, REBEL GREY, a Dystopian Teen Fantasy. After a great war that destroyed the nation, the government has fallen, and the cities are run by corrupt false monarchies. The Kings and Queens control the law, and the powerless, terrified citizens are being … Continue reading