Divine Disorder

Divine Disorder, a comic that never was but wishes it had

DIVINE DISORDER Story Arc OneChapter One Characters: Ptolemy—an angelDarius—a fallen angelImogen—a necromancerSho—mercenary and heir to Dark LordshipXen—a dark wizard and undisputed badassAine—a thief and acrobatHyde—a shapeshifterSimon—the God of Accidental NudityOni—a maniacZebulon Tan—a runic sorcerer and university professorSora Vale—Zebulon’s assistant and apprentice Scene 1: Darius and Ptolemy are sitting at an upscale outdoor café on a … Continue reading

Fun Stuff

Little Agnes Episode One

Little Agnes Episode 1 The Bully and the Minion CHARACTERS LITTLE AGNES–a pre-teen mad scientist VIC–an animated clockwork cadaver HORACE, known as QUIVER–a minion BULLY–a bully FADE IN EXT. AN OLD FASHIONED SCHOOLYARD Children are building houses of cards, picking up sticks and running around with a leather ball. They seem to be having a … Continue reading