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Friend or Foe

Hello again! I had these business cards made for Hex Breaker.

These are fun, but something strange has begun to happen. I handed several of them out among people I know and left some where I work. First I noticed that they sat untouched for a few days. Then they started to migrate from one side of the table on which they were placed to another. Then they were stacked in two piles, showing each side. Then they were gone. A week or so later, they reappeared in a totally different room. When I saw them, I sort of puzzled at them, wondering where they had been all that time and if I should move them back or simply leave them and pretend I didn’t see them…and who is moving them around? They have disappeared once again, and I have no idea where they may have gone. I declare absolute innocence, and I have been unable to catch the culprit in the act. So, that begs the question: are they friend or foe?


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