Fun Stuff

Dream Cheeky!

Occasionally, Mr. Drexler brings me home little treats. They are typically exactly what I have been needing–like a paper holder or that special kitchen gadget I have had my eye on. Sometimes, though, he finds something truly delightful. Mr. Drexler is a man of leisure and refinement, but he sometimes simply does not get the writer thing; which is to say, he sometimes fails to understand that my office is my happy place, and when I am in the middle of constructing some complicated and often convoluted fantasy world in which my characters may or may not be behaving like rational beings, solitude is strictly required. It is, I have found, impossible to work and carry on a conversation at the same time, as I tend to simply type what is being said and often discover amidst my narratives some interesting bits of news found in the New York Times several days prior. The USB missile launcher from the Dream Cheeky corporation should be pretty useful in overcoming this particular problem, as the simple, computer-operated controls allow me to rapid-fire several missiles without even having to turn around. Best present EVER.


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