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Things being as they are…

Happy New Year, everyone, and a little late on the draw, as always. Mr. Drexler and I saw 2011 off in style, and by style I mean without any style, fanfare or pageantry whatever. Still, 2011 was a pretty good year, on balance. The Mr. and I moved to Portland, which is a unique and rather curious place. Hex Breaker came out, amongst much revelry and stylish feting. 2012, I suspect, will be a year of equal adventure, experience and excitement. That said, I hope you all enjoyed your new year’s celebrations. With the start of this new year, the publishing world opens up again for new submissions, and accordingly I will be preparing to hold my horses and bate my breath as I wait to learn which of my new books will be taken and which will be unceremoniously thrust aside to languish in obscurity and dejection.  So, once again, Happy New Year, and let the waiting begin!


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