Book Excerpts

An Excerpt from Hex Breaker

“Quinn, where the hell are you?” Sho Mondragon demanded.           Quinn held her cell phone away from her ear, staring at it as if it had nastily insulted her. “What are you talking about?” she replied irritably, hopping on one foot as she yanked on black, platform stilettos. “It’s Friday night. I’m off the clock.”
“There is no such thing as off the clock, partner. I need you to get down here now.”
“Sho,” she complained, pausing in front of her full-length mirror. She adjusted the tight, red satin dress over her thighs and tugged the neckline down slightly to display more cleavage; cowgirl up, indeed. “I am busy tonight.”
“Yeah. Here. Get over here. You have ten minutes.”
“You are not the boss of me!”
“Fifteen minutes.”
“Just hurry up.”
She gave the phone a spiteful look, sighing at her reflection in the mirror. Well, it was still early; whatever Sho wanted, she could probably still make it to meet Aine at Slither. She would be damned if she’d spend all that time getting dressed up just to spend another Friday night with Sho at the office. With a final flip of her long, red hair, she spun away from the mirror and tottered out of the house, careful not to trip on her sky-high heels.
When she burst into the office, Sho was sitting behind the desk next to hers with his long legs propped up on the desktop and his chair tilted precariously backwards. He looked up at her as the door banged open and swung his feet abruptly back onto the floor. His jaw dropped. “Lexie? Is that you?”
“Shut up, Sho. What is so important you had to drag me away from what promised to be a thrilling and exploratory night out?” She paused in front of his desk, jabbing an irate finger at him. “Do you know how many nights out I have had in the last month?”
Sho leaned over the top of his desk, pushing back his long, dark, wavy hair to eye her up and down in appreciation. “As a matter of fact, I do. Two. Two nights. But never in those heels.” He raised his eyebrows. “And where were you off to? Do you have a date? You look like you have a date. Those are date shoes.”
“Move on from the shoes, Sho.”
“I am afraid that’s out of the question.”
Quinn rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. “I do not have a date.”
“Then why are you wearing your sexy perfume?”
“I am not wearing sexy perfume.”
“I have to say, Alexandra,” a smooth voice said from directly behind her. “It is very sexy perfume.”
She spun, scowling, but when she saw the tall, striking man in the lobby, she went rigid with shock. “D-Don’t call me Alexandra!” She turned back to her partner, gesturing wildly over her shoulder. “Sho?”
Sho stood, rounding his desk to offer his hand to their guest. “Ah, Dev, good of you to come.”
Devin Rayne smirked. “You didn’t give me much of a choice.”
Quinn watched Rayne warily as he lowered himself into the chair across from Sho with the grace of a jungle cat.
“What are you doing here, Rayne?” she demanded.
Rayne leaned back in his chair, stretching his long legs in front of him as comfortably as if he owned the place. He flipped his dark fringe from his brilliant blue eyes and peered at her with a look of perfect innocence. “I’m sorry, were we not clear? Sho asked me to come.”
Quinn’s eyes narrowed. “Not here. I mean here, in the city. The last time I saw you, you were being dragged off to prison.”
Rayne’s sculpted features went rigid, and his jaw set. “Now, Lexie,” Sho put in reproachfully. “What did I tell you about flies and honey? We have a guest.”
“Guest, my ass!” she spat, turning her dark, fiery eyes on Sho. “What is he doing here?”
Rayne squared his broad shoulders. “Not that I have to explain anything to you, Quinn,” he told her stiffly, “but I have been a free man for the last six years.”
“Dev’s been in Europe, Quinn.” Sho’s gaze darted between them, and though he wore a warning expression, the look in his coal black eyes was wickedly amused.
“Well, what is he doing back here?”
“I am still in the room, you know,” Rayne said coldly.
“You think I can forget?” Quinn’s voice was venomous.
Rayne sighed. “See, Sho, I told you this was a bad idea.”
“What are you talking about?” Sho demanded, his full, sensual mouth stretching into a wide, luminous smile. “This is the most fun I’ve had in ages. I was hoping you two would start throwing hexes at each other next.” “I’m not ashamed to admit I’m not above that,” Quinn muttered as she slid into the chair behind her desk.
Rayne scowled. “Can we just get to why I am here?”
“I have been trying to figure that out since you walked in the door.”
“Please, Quinn, let’s hear him out, shall we?” Sho smiled at her, folding his hands on his desk and leaning back to peer at Rayne expectantly.
Quinn sighed. “Fine. What do you want, Rayne?” Rayne tilted his chin with tremendous dignity. “I need help.”
Quinn raised her eyebrows. “Now, this is interesting. Devin Rayne asking for help? I never thought I’d see the day.”
“Can you just cut him a break, Lex?” Sho said, and there was no amusement in his voice now. “It takes a lot of humility for Rayne to admit he needs us. Just let him talk.”
Rayne turned his scowl on Sho as if his words were mortally offensive.
“Fine,” Quinn said sulkily. “Go ahead, Rayne.”
He took a deep breath and his sapphire eyes glittered impatiently. He spoke through clenched teeth. “I believe someone is trying to kill me.”
Quinn rolled her eyes. “No surprise there.”


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