More about Hex Breaker

Here I am again, folks, with a little about the new book.

In a world where magic is an everyday profession, people are getting pretty tired of being pushed around by magicians, and the Bureau of Magical Affairs is trying to force magicians to wear scarlet letters, Alexandra Quinn and Sho Mondragon have found their niche. But their Magicians for Hire business becomes a little less ordinary when Devin Rayne, Sho’s childhood friend, suspects someone is trying to kill him and hires them to help him find out who. Quinn, though, has a few bones to pick with Devin, such as their extremely complicated history and the fact that his father murdered the man she loved ten years ago. But when she finally agrees to help him, she is thrust into a world of dark magic, subtle seduction, terrible memories, painful revelations, and murder. ”

You already know where to find it!




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