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A Review of Hex Breaker from Huntress Reviews

TITLE: Hex Breaker AUTHOR: Stella Drexler KINDLE: B006TRX9VA SYNERGEBOOKS.COM  4 STARS!  Alexandra “Lexie” Quinn and Sho Mondragon went to the Academy of Magic together. Lexie is now a hex breaker. Sho deals with emotional magic, especially love magic. Today they are partners: Quinn & Mondragon, Magicians for Hire. Lexie’s closest friend over the last five … Continue reading

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Little Agnes Episode One

Little Agnes Episode 1 The Bully and the Minion CHARACTERS LITTLE AGNES–a pre-teen mad scientist VIC–an animated clockwork cadaver HORACE, known as QUIVER–a minion BULLY–a bully FADE IN EXT. AN OLD FASHIONED SCHOOLYARD Children are building houses of cards, picking up sticks and running around with a leather ball. They seem to be having a … Continue reading


Also new! Wandering Star, a supernatural teen thriller

Yeah, so I’ve been busy. My newest teen thriller, Wandering Star, a tale of mystery, monsters, loss, and forbidden love, is now available on eBook! Look for it soon in print. New Coventry, Virginia is a quiet, peaceful town. The people are friendly, the streets are safe, and hardly anything ever happens until the mysterious … Continue reading



Cue the spooky music! Without further ado, I present the Stella Drexler Halloween Spooktacular Steampunk Special, LITTLE AGNES AND THE GHOSTS OF KELPIE WHARF A Little Agnes Tale Welcome, Honoured Seamen and Esteemed Guests! To the Port Enshus 305th Annual Aquatic Vertebrae Acquisition Simplification Exposition! Ingenious Conceptions and Outlandish Innovations Galore! Featuring the Venerated Dr … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween, my cheeky darlings! Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year. Autumn weather, harvest festivals, costumes, candy, jack o’lanterns, bobbing for apples, hayrides through haunted maizes (yes, I meant maizes. Have you ever been to Oregon?), haunted houses, the outrageous parties, spooky cocktails, pumpkin flavored things, the nostalgia for those wonderful Colorful World of … Continue reading

Nightmare Island

Nightmare Island Book Two: Dream Walker NOW AVAILABLE!

Now available from Writers-Exchange, DREAM WALKER, the exciting new book in the teen paranormal mystery series, Nightmare Island! After Ian Crane rescued her from Tegan Hathaway’s killer and revealed his dangerous powers, Mia Burke is more determined than ever to find out what’s really happening on Flicker Island. As she gets closer to … Continue reading

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Steampunk Revelry for ANGEL OF THE ABYSS!

Please join me today through Saturday, 20 July at Steampunk at Coffeetime Romance to celebrate the re-release of the steampunk fantasy ANGEL OF THE ABYSS! Visit for a chance to win this charming clockwork and gear ring or a $10 gift card to the Coffeetime Romance Steampunk bookstore! I hope to see you there! … Continue reading